Photo Safari in Melbourne

Photo Safari in Melbourne

What do you call a person who you be-friend on twitter and then get to meet in real life? A Twiend perhaps? Isn’t it strangely wonderful when your worlds collide? Well for me, last Sunday, my twitterverse and my “real” worlds came together as Kellee Walsh and I went on a Photo Safari. Kellee is a Sydney based photographer who I met on Twitter, and she just happened to be visiting Melbourne for the weekend, so a Photo Safari was on the cards.

With my post wedding shoot hangover in tow (any wedding photographer knows exactly what this feels like) Kellee and I hit the beach, not just any beach. Yep, we went to the only beach in Melbourne, possibly Australia that is full of the cutest scattering of 82 heritage listed beach bathing boxes. A photographers delight!

Check them out, they are all jam packed with colour and character which gave me that other-worldly feeling just by being there. In fact, I had never even been there until Kellee suggested it (Great idea Kel). The day was overcast and a hint of spring was in the air, it was portrait time!

Introducing the lovely Miss Kellee Walsh and the Brighton Beach boxes. If you have a camera, and are ever in Melbourne, I highly recommend you take a trip together to this very cool part of the coast. After the beach, our coffee & cake plans got put on hold as we took a quick visit to Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, another photographers delight (and just so happens to be one of my favorite places).

Whilst Photo Safari’s originated in a more African kind of way, I think Kel and I had a great adventure as we discovered parts of my own city that I was yet to explore. Who really needs to wear Khaki and get sunburnt? Taking photos is always fun, but making new photography friends makes it all the better. You can read Kellee’s version of events on her blog here.

What will your next photo safari will be?