Post #39 – Happy Birthday Alex

Post #39 – Happy Birthday Alex

Don’t you hate when you type up a heartfelt, revised and considered blog post, and then whooooosh it’s lost?!!!! Well, that just happened to me.

So, I’ll try to rememer what line of though I was running with, or hopefully come up with something better. Surely it’s the computer universe way of telling me my words were not quite right? Yes, that must be it.

It’s now way past my bedtime, but I wanted to share some images with you from a recent, very special 1st birthday.

Sometimes I take my camera along with me on an outing. Other times I prefer to leave all the heavy equipment behind, I rarely regret doing so, I’m much better at it now. And, occasionally, a friend will ask me to bring my camera along. Recently my friend Maxine (with a smashed lens) asked me to bring my camera along to her daughters party. I’m really glad she asked. It’s often at times like this that I am pushed to take photos, that I am reminded of how important my photography is to me, how much I love it.

Alex, what can I say about such a sweet sweet darling girl? I guess to put it into words, she lights up our lives in the way only those little people can.

Happy Birthday darling Alex – mmmmmmmwha!!!!

Bikes and the Beach

Bikes and the Beach

At my new desk from my new home I am trawling through folders and folders of images. Images I am planning to blog. You see, the only hiccup with moving home is that it’s rather all consuming and things like weekly blog posts get left aside as the moving boxes swallow me up.

So, I decided that some of these images from three past few months may be a little late but I really wanted to share them with you. My blog is little. Right here it’s just you and me. my small (wonderful) collection of of loyal readers. I often wrestle with what images to blog, wondering if my shots are worth blogging? What if my posts are getting repetitive? Am I sharing too much or not enough? Oh the joys of blogging.

Life is full of what ifs and really they are a bit pointless. So, I say thumbs down to wondering about the what ifs and thumbs up to all the posibilities we have.

Here is a mixed bag of photos from a really special trip we took with a bunch of friends, some old, some new. We went down the coast for a big muddy mountain bike race, surrounded by lots of pasta, pretty birds and some exploring on the beach.

Featuring Dave, Fel, Max, Jed, Susan, Andrew, Adrian and Shirley – at Apollo Bay.

Hey baby – its blog time again

Hey baby – its blog time again

You’re here! Yes, you, the person at the screen reading my blog. THANK YOU!

I must apologise for the blog drought that has engulfed me of late, but I do have an excuse…

For the past month we have been busy moving into our new home. It’s ours and and it’s totally wonderful! And… I have my own office! (more about all the new home stuff to follow) So, between the moving boxes and taking lots of photos and waiting for internet access, my blog suffered some neglect. Well neglect no more! How about I stop talking about not blogging and show you some photos? Yep.

Last week I took my camera for a visit to Mark & Jess’. It’s a pretty special time in their house right now as they have very recenlty added a new sweet little bubby to the family. Featured here are bubby Levi, big brother Jet, with parents Jess & Mark. Love you guys.

See you soon,


Happy Birthday Mark

Happy Birthday Mark

I know I should probarly be putting up blog posts about my photography work. But the joy I get from photography is often when I am out of work mode and photographing the people and places that are close to my heart. Besides, who wants to do what we should be doing? Not me!

This post is all about my dear friend Mark Ray Kaso Gainsmith (AKA Gaino). Mark and I go waaaaaay back. Back to a time when all we wanted to do was go fast on our skates. Back before Zoolander.

This week Mark turns 30. Who would have thought this freckled faced punk would have made it so far in 30 short years? Mark is an out-of-this-world friend , but beyond that he is an amazing father and hubby-to-be to his beautiful fiance Jess. So Mark, as you settle into your 30th year, I wish you all the best and we can’t wait to meet bub #2!

Thanks for all the laughs, the stupid movie quotes, enduring all those darn freezing cold training sessions, your endless generous spirit and for always watching out for me.

Happy birthday Gaino, here are some photos from your big party with your professionally good looking family.

Featuring: Mark, Jess and the cutest little kiddo Jet Ryan, along with friends and family.

Also, a special mention to Simon who flew all the way from QLD to celebrate, he was in for a sweet suprise when the Ferrari showed up – he actually cried tears of joy (as pictured). Very funny.

Why hello there little guy!

Why hello there little guy!

Last week we took a trip to the hospital to meet baby Max Anthony. He’s number 1 bub for my friends Candice & Chooka, so this is a pretty special time for them. This is the time when everything changes, but the important things come to surface. Family, friends, nurturing, smiles, cuddles.

I think sometimes that’s what a baby’s job is, to remind us grown ups of the important things in our lives.

For all the learning and loving to come, welcome baby Max and congrats to your blessed Mum & Dad.

Holly's 5th Birthday

Holly's 5th Birthday

For anyone who knows me, you will have heard me talk (a lot) about one very special little person named Holly. Well, it was Holly’s 5th birthday this month and a bunch of us got together to eat cake, play musical statues and celebrate.

Hilarious, serious, gentle, determined and exceptionally thoughtful of others, I can’t say enough wonderful stuff about this kid, she’s something special.

I tried to capture this with my camera.

Love you to bits Holly. Happy Birthday!