Where did that time go?

Where did that time go?

Hello people, is anyone still out there? I have been terribly neglectful of my blog, which means I must have been highly productive in other areas of life, right?

Life is busy, but I am hoping to get my blogging mojo back again. I was well advised by my sister yesterday that it’s better to blog briefly, than not at all.  So here we are.

A lot of photographs have happened since my last post, it was hard to know where to start with the image for this one. Rather than being overwhelmed by the task of choosing a series of images, I am going to start things slowly, with just one. This is one of my favorite pictures from a recent family portrait session. Meet Evie, a most doll-like subject. Twirling, twirling, carefree. How beautiful.

See you again soon.

Denise, Kelvin & Byron – At Home, Melbourne

Denise, Kelvin & Byron – At Home, Melbourne

I had not yet met baby Byron. He woke up to me and my big black camera, in his room, on his special day. He woke up with smiles and plenty of curiosity. Charming. This day was Byron’s first birthday party.

So, on Byron’s first birthday I wanted to capture Byron and his family just how they are, doing what they normally do, and celebrating with their loved ones. (This seems to be a re-occuring theme for me whenever I pick up my camera). We started with some family photos in the garden and before we knew it the party began. It’s pretty cool to see how much one little person can bring so many other people together.

It was wonderful to meet you Byron, and your lovely Mum & Dad, and all your party guests. I hope that whenever you look at these photos that you can see just how loved you are.

P.S – Denise, thanks for my Aloe Vera plant, it’s going great in my new garden.

Post #39 – Happy Birthday Alex

Post #39 – Happy Birthday Alex

Don’t you hate when you type up a heartfelt, revised and considered blog post, and then whooooosh it’s lost?!!!! Well, that just happened to me.

So, I’ll try to rememer what line of though I was running with, or hopefully come up with something better. Surely it’s the computer universe way of telling me my words were not quite right? Yes, that must be it.

It’s now way past my bedtime, but I wanted to share some images with you from a recent, very special 1st birthday.

Sometimes I take my camera along with me on an outing. Other times I prefer to leave all the heavy equipment behind, I rarely regret doing so, I’m much better at it now. And, occasionally, a friend will ask me to bring my camera along. Recently my friend Maxine (with a smashed lens) asked me to bring my camera along to her daughters party. I’m really glad she asked. It’s often at times like this that I am pushed to take photos, that I am reminded of how important my photography is to me, how much I love it.

Alex, what can I say about such a sweet sweet darling girl? I guess to put it into words, she lights up our lives in the way only those little people can.

Happy Birthday darling Alex – mmmmmmmwha!!!!

Holly & Pete – just married

Holly & Pete – just married

Three weeks ago we gathered together on the coast for a very special day, it was the wedding of Holly & Pete. I have known Holly & Pete for about 20 years now – 20 years!!!! (yikes) They remain just as carefree, fun and young at heart as when we used to hang out as teenagers. Their love is gentle and thoughtful.When you spend time with Pete & Holly, everything feels easy, certain, in it’s right place. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and I was honored to be their photographer. 

This is their day in pictures. P.S – how amazing does Holly look?!!!! 

Wedding and photography at Sorento back beach, Victoria.

Bay Series Cycling 2011

Bay Series Cycling 2011

2011 has wrapped itself around me before I even saw it coming. I know time is technically pretty much the same as always, but wow, 2010 where did you go?

One of the first events in the 2011 calendar was the Jacyo Bay Series Criterium event. In short, it’s a big, fast, superbly colourful bike race that plays out across 4 days at 4 different bayside locations (think tour de France by the sea, on a smaller scale).

I went along in support of my partner Andrew who was competing for Team John West, yes, the tuna guy. Of course, my camera came along too. It was 4 jam packed days of sunburn, tuna, catching up with friends, beach time and taking photographs. It was fantastic to see there were stacks of photographers out and about, each of us trying to catch a shot of the rainbow of riders whizzing by. Hopefully 2011 won’t whiz by quite so fast.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the 4 days.

Cycling fans may like to CLICK HERE to view ALL the photos from Jacyo Bay Series 2011

CLICK HERE To view ALL the photos from Jacyo Bay Series 2011

Thanks to Sarah for having me stay at her beach house.

Next for 2011 is a trip to Adelaide to visit the Barossa Valley wine region – very exciting!!!

I Heart Christmas

I Heart Christmas

Ok, this is a bit of a mammoth blog post, pretty much reflective of the Christmas that just past. Christmas 2010 included 5 Christmas dinners – the whole spread – 5 times! There were mountains of gifts, biscuit making – Swiss style, card games, rain, carols, charades, bike repairs, lots of driving and full tummies all round.

This series of photos will give you an idea of my Christmas season, minus all the bits in between that I was too busy eating at the time to photograph. There are LOTS of reasons why I love Christmas, probably my reasons are similar to yours. It’s a special time of the year and I am thankful for it.

I hope you and your special ones had a wonderful Christmas.

Featuring my family, Andrew’s family, The Withers family and some bike repairing at the Jackson’s. Thanks Martin for taking the last shot :)