Bikes and the Beach

Bikes and the Beach

At my new desk from my new home I am trawling through folders and folders of images. Images I am planning to blog. You see, the only hiccup with moving home is that it’s rather all consuming and things like weekly blog posts get left aside as the moving boxes swallow me up.

So, I decided that some of these images from three past few months may be a little late but I really wanted to share them with you. My blog is little. Right here it’s just you and me. my small (wonderful) collection of of loyal readers. I often wrestle with what images to blog, wondering if my shots are worth blogging? What if my posts are getting repetitive? Am I sharing too much or not enough? Oh the joys of blogging.

Life is full of what ifs and really they are a bit pointless. So, I say thumbs down to wondering about the what ifs and thumbs up to all the posibilities we have.

Here is a mixed bag of photos from a really special trip we took with a bunch of friends, some old, some new. We went down the coast for a big muddy mountain bike race, surrounded by lots of pasta, pretty birds and some exploring on the beach.

Featuring Dave, Fel, Max, Jed, Susan, Andrew, Adrian and Shirley – at Apollo Bay.

The BIG Barossa

The BIG Barossa

A little over a week ago, we did something really big. In 4 days we poured ourselves into the Barossa Valley, I think it’s safe to say we got drunk on all things Barossa.

It’s only a 1 hour flight from Melbourne, but this place is entirely ‘other world-ly’. As many of you will know, this little valley in South Australia is home to countless well known and boutique wineries. We were lucky enough to see a selection of our favorites and even better, was when we got off the tourist track to meet some of the wine makers and their families. A special mention must go out to Jan & John at Hutton Vale winery, John Glaetzer & family and Colin Sheppard of Flaxman Wines who were all so welcoming and generous in spirit – thank you.

This post has taken me a while to put together, because never have I had SO many photos to contend with, I don’t want to leave any of it out. Barossa, you brought out my love of photography at every turn and I can’t wait to see you again.

This post is a whopper – enjoy!


My companions: Andrew, Adrian & Shirley, Maxine & Steve & baby Alex (the team cutie and perhaps the most well travelled baby I know)

The lovely John, Jan & puppy Mac of Hutton Vale Wines

All the wonderful Glaetzer family John, Margarete, Lysanna, Greg & Alicia (watering the tomato plants) of Johns Blend Wines

Inspirational Colin Sheppard who sold up his city life and started his own winery which is Flaxman Wines

Wineries featured: Turkey Flat,Wolf Blass, Maggie Beer Cafe, Rockford Wines, Charles Melton Wines, Seppeltsfield Wines, Penfolds, Kaesler Wines, Henshke, Trevor Jones

A weekend in the Highlands

A weekend in the Highlands

This weekend we took a trip up into the Victorian mountains to a special place called Dinner Plain.  We rented a kick-ass house with a blazing open fire and sleep inducing leather couches. The power went out. We napped. We ate like kings. We played charades. The power came back on. There were some close encounters with some icky creepy spiders. We got rained on in the spa bath. We BBQ’d up some massive New York steaks – yum. A big fog settled upon us. We ran out of chocolate. We sang kids songs to baby Max. We took a walk in the rain. We also took a walk in the hail. We got muddy on the 4WD tracks and…. we took some photos.

This was a special place yes, but even better was spending time with friends who are so darn wonderful. Here are some of my photos from our weekend away.

Featured in these shot are Adrian & Shirley, Dave & Fel with the ridiculously cute Max Danger, my boy Andrew and the 10 out of 10 doggy “Oreo”.

P.S – LOVING my new camera

The last weekend of winter

The last weekend of winter

On the last weekend of winter we returned to my childhood holiday coast with some friends. It was cold and wintery and at low season it felt like we had the whole of the coast to ourselves. On the Saturday I road my bike along the Great Ocean Road, perhaps my favorite stretch of road in all of Australia. Like many Melbournians, I have passed along it countless times in my life. Always heading for a the beach, always busting with excitement to get there already, always sad when we parted. I didn’t take any photos of my favorite stretch of road, I just pedaled my bike and soaked in all it’s nostalgic goodness. Ok, it’s a road, get a grip Gemma.

Besides my euphoric bike ride, the weekend was amazingly relaxing. In between reading the paper and mandatory weekend away nanna naps, I even found some time to potter off to the local lighthouse with my camera. Anyone from Victoria will recognize this place, it’s Airey’s Inlet. These days I find myself shooting a lot with my 50mm, my poor 28-70mm is being rather neglected. Here you will see the tilt shift came along for the ride too.

This was my last weekend of winter 2010.  Now, come on spring, it’s time for some sunshine.
Shot’s from Airley’s Inlet, also featuring darling little Oscar.



Last weekend was yet another cold Melbourne winter weekend. So, I rounded up Andrew, Megsy, Mark, Holly, Ben & puppy dog Jess and we hit the coast. As it turns out, an impromptu visit to the beach was just was a wonderful idea (although there was no escaping that cold). Our mini-break mostly consisted of lounging by the fire, wearing our PJ’s way pasts the bounds of actually sleeping and of course playing games on our iPhones. For me as a photographer the iPhones were wonderful at keeping the kids still! (and I made the most of it).

Here are a few of my highlight shots. The shots of the kids sleeping just melt me. Bless. I had to share the slightly less cute shot of Mark & Jess snoring on the couch, such a classic.

Watching Jess (the dog) get to play in the mud puddle was a blast. She was in doggy heaven I am sure of that. 10 points to Mark for getting us all down to the pier to go fishing. 0 points to all of us who caught zilch.

Being a photographer, it’s often hard to know when to put the camera down when I spend time with friends & family. We had planned to do a more formal portrait session at sunset, but we were too busy doing other holiday stuff. So, this more natural series is what we have as a record of our time. I love that.