Friday Faves 01

Friday Faves 01

It seems time to get some wedding goodness on this blog of mine, so here we go. I did not plan to become a wedding photographer, it kind of just found me, well we found each other and the everything seemed to fit just right. Let me take you back….

In 2003 I accepted the job of being Manager of Photography for Hamilton Island Weddings in the beeeeeautiful Whitsundays. This was a job like no other. Hamilton Island was a wedding machine and I was in love. I LOVED my job, the amazing couples, warm weather ALL year, photo locations straight from the Gods and best yet I was shooting 7 days a week (yikes – I think now). I shot and I shot and I shot, I couldn’t get enough (I’m taking 400+ weddings in 1 year people!!!).

However, almost two years in, I begun to burn out. This was not part of my plan. My body was telling me to slow down, my mind had 5 weddings to process – tonight! It was at the passing of my beloved Nanna that I came to accept that my time of being immersed in this photographer’s island paradise have an expiry date after all.

Now I am back in the big smoke of Melbourne and shooting weddings again, lets say it’s in my blood now. I look back on my time at Hamilton Island with extremely warm & fuzzy feelings. I learnt so much about photography, the wedding industry, my strengths & weaknesses – myself. For this I cannot be happier.

Today the Island still does 400+ weddings a year, which now to me sounds astronomical. The supremely talented and lovely Paul Cincotta is at the helm of the photography department now and he is doing marvelously well.

These days I prefer to shoot  a very select number of weddings in conjunction with my commercial photography. It’s a great fit. The fire is back in my belly!

Now since this is Friday Faves, I wanted to share my ALL TIME FAVORITE wedding photo with you. I took on Hamilton Island’s Catseye Beach (my backyard at the time). I was setting up for this shot when two kids ran through. I clicked on instinct and got ‘em.

Why is it my favorite?

1) I love the movement

2) it’s not like any of my other images

3) that perfect blue water, I just want to dive in. Catseye beach at high tide, love it.

4) other favorites come and go, this one has stood the test of time.

Perhaps what makes this shot a little sweeter is the fact that the video guy next to me was cursing under his breath at the kids who ruined his video. Isn’t it funny how one moment can be perceived so extremely differently.

I did not plan to photograph a gazillion weddings on a tropical island, but I am sure glad that I did. Sometimes the best things in life are the ones you don’t plan.