Bikes and the Beach

Bikes and the Beach

At my new desk from my new home I am trawling through folders and folders of images. Images I am planning to blog. You see, the only hiccup with moving home is that it’s rather all consuming and things like weekly blog posts get left aside as the moving boxes swallow me up.

So, I decided that some of these images from three past few months may be a little late but I really wanted to share them with you. My blog is little. Right here it’s just you and me. my small (wonderful) collection of of loyal readers. I often wrestle with what images to blog, wondering if my shots are worth blogging? What if my posts are getting repetitive? Am I sharing too much or not enough? Oh the joys of blogging.

Life is full of what ifs and really they are a bit pointless. So, I say thumbs down to wondering about the what ifs and thumbs up to all the posibilities we have.

Here is a mixed bag of photos from a really special trip we took with a bunch of friends, some old, some new. We went down the coast for a big muddy mountain bike race, surrounded by lots of pasta, pretty birds and some exploring on the beach.

Featuring Dave, Fel, Max, Jed, Susan, Andrew, Adrian and Shirley – at Apollo Bay.

Bay Series Cycling 2011

Bay Series Cycling 2011

2011 has wrapped itself around me before I even saw it coming. I know time is technically pretty much the same as always, but wow, 2010 where did you go?

One of the first events in the 2011 calendar was the Jacyo Bay Series Criterium event. In short, it’s a big, fast, superbly colourful bike race that plays out across 4 days at 4 different bayside locations (think tour de France by the sea, on a smaller scale).

I went along in support of my partner Andrew who was competing for Team John West, yes, the tuna guy. Of course, my camera came along too. It was 4 jam packed days of sunburn, tuna, catching up with friends, beach time and taking photographs. It was fantastic to see there were stacks of photographers out and about, each of us trying to catch a shot of the rainbow of riders whizzing by. Hopefully 2011 won’t whiz by quite so fast.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the 4 days.

Cycling fans may like to CLICK HERE to view ALL the photos from Jacyo Bay Series 2011

CLICK HERE To view ALL the photos from Jacyo Bay Series 2011

Thanks to Sarah for having me stay at her beach house.

Next for 2011 is a trip to Adelaide to visit the Barossa Valley wine region – very exciting!!!

You Pedal, I'll Shoot

You Pedal, I'll Shoot

What do you do on a rainy winters day? Me, I grab my camera and follow my friends around.

Recently, one of our planned bike rides got postponed due to the Melbourne rain. The boys decided to ride on the wind trainers in the garage instead. As the boys pedaled their little lungs out, I snapped and snapped away (it’s a workout sometimes you know).

Whilst this shoot was, in one way, just me killing time and catching up with friends. It ended up being much more than that. Being in this moment, I wanted to capture THIS moment. It was not significant, or planned, or in a desirable location, I used only the available light. Yet afterwards, these photos to me are significant and capture the intensity of the boys doing something they do countless times a year. This is Andrew and Anthony exactly as I know them, lycra clad and focused.

Viewing the world through a camera is the best. I love it. Anything can be interesting, if you only stop and look.

Thanks to Andrew & Anthony for being such good sports.