Blue skies

Blue skies

A few weeks ago I put up a blog post about our trip to the Barossa Valley. Check it out here The Baroosa blog post featured images that were truly an extension of myself. My brain to camera signals were all aligned, I was in my happy place. It all came easily to me.

Since that blog post, I am having trouble knowing what to do next. How can I better my previous creations? (Hence why I have been a little quiet on my blogging of late).

So, I didn’t blog last week. But I am working on a super dooper big post to follow in the coming days.

In the mean time, here is an image that was in the mix this week. It’s the beach, and I’m a bit of a beach lover. It’s another of my happy places.

May your week ahead be full of blue skies and you find the things that come easily to you.

Love, Gemma

Photogs Who Blog – SURVEY

Photogs Who Blog – SURVEY

Hello guys and gals,

this blog post is especially for all those photographers of all abilities out there (hello, is anyone there?)

As photographers, many of us are undertaking much more than the task of just taking photos, we are also online marketers. And, I want to find out how it’s working out, in the real world for real photographers, just like you. Today I want to look at the other side of this new blogging world of mine and yours. Come with me as I ponder my inner belly button to figure out what this blogging stuff for photographers is all about.

I have compiled a short survey which touches on a few items that are prevalent within todays photography industry and I would LOVE your participation. Just click on the pretty link directly below to get started. It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to set up a picture link, but look, I did it! (excited) Don’t even ask me how long the survey took! Once I have a swag of results I will bring them together and share with you.

Blogging is a new part of my life, my photography business and my online presence. It’s a creative avenue I have never had before. In a nutshell – I’m excited!

How Blogging began for me:

In late 2009 I stumbled across a link to a fellow photographer’s blog. Truth be told, I didn’t even really know what a blog was at the time (and it was not that long ago). The photos were amazing, and better yet, the accompanying behind the secenes story line drew me straight in. I realized pretty quickly that a blog was a very effective (+cool) way for photographers to show off their latest works and open a dialogue with clients and the photographic community. I wanted in!

In January 2010 I set myself a goal – I will have a blog in 2010

Fast forward to present day and tah-dah, I have a blog. There was lots of installing of programs, late nights, nagging friends for advice and delving into all sorts of hideous domain name thingies (Thanks Dave). But we got here.

More recenty I attended a seminar especially for bloggers where I was surrounded with the cream of Australia’s blogging crop – WOW! So many super talented people, all in one room, sharing ideas and filling my brain with blogging tips until I nearly popped. It was here that I realized just how loud our voices can be heard, how influential we each are and really that behind every out-of-this-world super blog is someone just like me and you.

This is my 13th post now. I am still finding my way in the blogosphere, learning how to use the software, finding my audience. Yet, none of this would have come about if I was not so inspired by others, then and now. To all you photographers who blog, thank you.

A special mention must go out to a few bloggers, not just of the photography variety, who always keep coming up with the goods. Check them out, they’re all fantastic for different reasons (and there are SO many others, my list could have gone on and on and on)

Bobbie & Mike – One of the 1st blogs I ever came across. Brilliant husband & wife team (USA)

Samm Blake – Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire (AUS)

Kristen Marie - This gal is as good with her words as she is with her camera, amazing (USA)

Darren Rowse - The Pro Blogger Himself who is also the brains behind Digital Photography School (AUS)

Carly Bishop – regularly has me in stitches as she describes her life as a photographer (USA)

Christine Pobke - A fellow Aussie photographer, her love for people and photography shines through the www (AUS)

The Blog Stylist – smart, generous and full of amazing blogging advice (AUS)

Kristen Cook – has a magical camera, no doubt about it (AUS)

Green Wedding Shoes – non stop, up to date images of weddings around the globe (USA)

Design Aglow – ooozing with creative photo ideas (USA)

Natasja Kremers - I always get excited to see Natasjas latest posts, full of photo goodness everytime (AUS)

Gavin Blue – Head of the ACMP and full of industry updates (AUS)

Sarah Rhoads – WOW, just wow (USA)

Anna Rose Photography - Jen Regan is a mum and a photo superstar. I like that a lot (AUS)

Michelle Moore – this Seattle gal is one seriously driven photographer, not only bound for greatness but already living it (USA)

As I said, there are lots lots more. (Can you see what I mean by inspiration overload?)

If you have done my survey already – THANK YOU! If not, what are you waiting for? Please spread around to your photography buddies so I can drown in photo statistics.

Recently I wrote my first guest post on the Digital Photography School blogsite, it’s all about online media for photographers you can check it out HERE.

I blog so to share my work, I blog to share my exerpiences, but mostly I blog to show a little more of my personalty.

Why do you blog? What makes it all worth your while? I’d love to hear from you.