Sophie + James Get Married, Anglesea Victoria

Sophie + James Get Married, Anglesea Victoria

Sophie and James recently tied the knot at Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club on the glorious Great Ocean Road. A day of love, friendship and trying to outrun the rain clouds. It turns out one of the best shots of the day was under those said rain clouds after all – ha!

There were mountains of sweet moments, I’m so glad I was there to snap them.

With love,



Welcome Baby Jay, Natural Newborn Photography

Welcome Baby Jay, Natural Newborn Photography

How sweet new life is. Nothing comes close to the experience of meeting one of your children for the first time.

For months you have been anticipating this precious time and now, here he is, a new baby about take you on a journey of “firsts”.

Welcome to the world sweet baby Jay. Congratulations Kerri, Brett and Luke.

Here are some photographs I took of Jay at hospital, then at home, surrounded by love.


Where did that time go?

Where did that time go?

Hello people, is anyone still out there? I have been terribly neglectful of my blog, which means I must have been highly productive in other areas of life, right?

Life is busy, but I am hoping to get my blogging mojo back again. I was well advised by my sister yesterday that it’s better to blog briefly, than not at all.  So here we are.

A lot of photographs have happened since my last post, it was hard to know where to start with the image for this one. Rather than being overwhelmed by the task of choosing a series of images, I am going to start things slowly, with just one. This is one of my favorite pictures from a recent family portrait session. Meet Evie, a most doll-like subject. Twirling, twirling, carefree. How beautiful.

See you again soon.

It's a boy! Introducing our baby Xavier

It's a boy! Introducing our baby Xavier

Well, where do I start….?

A LOT has happened since my last blog almost 9 months ago. Mostly and amazingly, Andrew and I now have our very own bundle of joy, Xavier.

From the moment we realised we were having a baby, long before we knew he was a boy and all the pains of birth were an underestimated blip in the distance – Xavier has been the focus of our lives. I could write so much, the whole process is rather mind blowing, but I’d like to really just share a few highlights in my blogging absence.

1. We grew a person!!!!

2. We purchased our family home in the burbs, farewell inner city living, hello birds and trees.

3. We grew a person!!!! (this clearly trumps every other highlight)

So, now 12 weeks into the world of parenthood I am putting my blogging boots back on and introducing our darling heart Xavier Alexander. Xavier has filled our home and our hearts with all the wonder and love that only parents know of. He is an inquisitive little man and I am sure he will help us see the world in a similar light. How lucky we are.

Xavier is everything we could have hoped for and more. Here are some images I’ve taken over the past 12 weeks.

14cm – Loved from head to toe

14cm – Loved from head to toe

Hello. Is anyone still here?

Well. Where do I start? I have kinda fallen off my blog for the past 3 months. Sorry.

But, I have some wonderful news (and a little explanation for my absence) We are having a BABY!!!!  The excitement and nerves are running high, and I am one super sleepy mum to be. Never have I felt so lucky – and SO TIRED!

Our other news is, we are moving home, again. With bub’s on the way we will soon outgrow our inner city apartment. So, in October, we are shifting to a lovely 3 bedroom home. Yep, that’s three whole bedrooms AND two living spaces AND a laundry room – just for us! YIKES! *takes deep breath*

Life is taking a different perspective, already. It’s amazing and a little bizarre at times. We count down the weeks, each one a milestone and bringing with it something new, this week we got our first kicks. How can someone we haven’t met yet be so central in our lives already, so loved.

Now that my energy is on the rise, I plan to get my blogging boots back on. My photography is still keeping me busy and I have some recent shoots to share, shortly.

For now, here is a picture from our 12 week scan – bub’s first portrait. (we are now at 18 weeks – due in Jan) xo

Denise, Kelvin & Byron – At Home, Melbourne

Denise, Kelvin & Byron – At Home, Melbourne

I had not yet met baby Byron. He woke up to me and my big black camera, in his room, on his special day. He woke up with smiles and plenty of curiosity. Charming. This day was Byron’s first birthday party.

So, on Byron’s first birthday I wanted to capture Byron and his family just how they are, doing what they normally do, and celebrating with their loved ones. (This seems to be a re-occuring theme for me whenever I pick up my camera). We started with some family photos in the garden and before we knew it the party began. It’s pretty cool to see how much one little person can bring so many other people together.

It was wonderful to meet you Byron, and your lovely Mum & Dad, and all your party guests. I hope that whenever you look at these photos that you can see just how loved you are.

P.S – Denise, thanks for my Aloe Vera plant, it’s going great in my new garden.