Hello. Is anyone still here?

Well. Where do I start? I have kinda fallen off my blog for the past 3 months. Sorry.

But, I have some wonderful news (and a little explanation for my absence) We are having a BABY!!!!  The excitement and nerves are running high, and I am one super sleepy mum to be. Never have I felt so lucky – and SO TIRED!

Our other news is, we are moving home, again. With bub’s on the way we will soon outgrow our inner city apartment. So, in October, we are shifting to a lovely 3 bedroom home. Yep, that’s three whole bedrooms AND two living spaces AND a laundry room – just for us! YIKES! *takes deep breath*

Life is taking a different perspective, already. It’s amazing and a little bizarre at times. We count down the weeks, each one a milestone and bringing with it something new, this week we got our first kicks. How can someone we haven’t met yet be so central in our lives already, so loved.

Now that my energy is on the rise, I plan to get my blogging boots back on. My photography is still keeping me busy and I have some recent shoots to share, shortly.

For now, here is a picture from our 12 week scan – bub’s first portrait. (we are now at 18 weeks – due in Jan) xo